Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 1- McGrath!


Well, we made it...although I am no longer in Tiger's good graces. Poor cat, but at least he's made history, or at least I'm pretty sure he has. How many maine coon cats have traveled to a town on the Iditarod trail to root on hundreds of dogs and mushers? That's right, Tiger, you have made history.

McGrath is amazing. It's kind of like Basin, MT, but much more remote. I have met lots of pilots, many of whom I met the other day but didn't remember, and numerous volunteers. We are staying in the cafe above the Communications/Logistics post. This makes it very convenient to hop out of bed and the morning and head downstairs. I rode on the plane this morning with 12 grade school students from Maine who have been saving up all year to come to McGrath. They are staying in the schoolhouse and are pretty excited.

Tomorrow the action is really supposed to begin. We have been coordinating loads with pilots all day; moving vets, supplies, missing musher bags and even Hans Gatt's headlamp to him on the trail. Good stuff. As of a few hours ago, Lance was in the lead and we think he'll be here maybe tomorrow. Yay!

I went to Willow yesterday for the true kick-off of the Iditarod. Zach, Nan's boyfriend Eric's roommate, was kink enough to cart me up there yesterday. We ate reindeer hot dogs and watched the mushing action. It was so much fun! The race kicks off on Willow Lake, so we moved in close to the middle and hunkered down with some hot cocoas and chairs and watched the action.

Nan is doing a great job of "coordinating/communicating" and seems to really know her stuff, which is good because I don't but people think I do just for the simple fact that I'm related to her. I'm learning a lot very quickly. Well, off we go to the dump! This should be fun....

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