Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maps and Trip Overview

We will begin our journey in London, where we will spend 5 days. In order to work off all the strawberries and cream and champagne we will more than likely consume, we will bike through the Cotswold area. We have reserved some bicycles and plan on touring the British countryside for 3 days. Then, off to Ireland! During this portion of the journey we plan on "flying by the seats of our pants." With only one night reserved at this point, who knows where we'll end up! After a few days of debauchery (will it be enough?) we will head back to Liverpool where Nan's friend, Tim, has graciously allowed us to stay with him. He's even thrown in a Duran Duran concert to seal the deal! So....buckle up and get ready!


Lauren said...

reackI wanna go tooooooo!!!!! Enjoy some lovely tea with clotted cream and scones wile you are there for me:)

Tim said...

Hiya N & L

As a host on part of your epic journey i thought i would add a comment.

The Uk is really looking forward to your visit and to mark the occassion we have arranged a special tennis tounament in your honour - Wimbledon. Naturally we have reserved seats in the Royal box for Friday. On the remote chance your seats are taken mby the Queen or Prince Harry, feel free to use the tickets you already have.

During your trip to Liverpool we have decided to invite Duran Duran to perform a concert in your honour. After all we can't be outdone by London.

While I was chatting to Nan the other day I realised that you may struggle with the differences between American and English. I know we spent a lot of time teaching you all how to speak many years ago, but some things have slipped recently :@)


American in to English
Sidewalk = Pavement
Candy = sweets or chocolate
Cookies = buscuits
chips = crisps
french fries = chips

One final thought.

Look forward to meeting you both.

Happy travelling

Liverpool Tim

Heather Weso said...

Elated to the open invitation to stalk the two of you on your journey.

Relieved to see your Host knows exactly how Royal you are and has set up such lovely events for your stay.

Let the story begin! Cheers!

jamie z said...

This is going to be the trip of our lifetimes! (and I say "our" because you do realize that I will be living vicariously through you.) So thanks for taking me with you! And when you drink a beer in Ireland or a tea in England - make sure you order an extra one for me...I'm sure I'll be thirsty. ;)

Enjoy yourselves you two wild and crazy kids! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear about how much fun we had!

Brulla said...

Are you there yet? How was your trip across the really big lake? Happy Birthday Laura!!!!!!!!! Hi Nan!!! Cheers to laura's 24th birthday. I will be drinking a PBR to celebrate!

Have fun exploring London. Amy Weinhouse playing in London on Friday.

Take care and travel safe!

Mom said...

There are my girls! Happy Birthday Lou! I your Phantom Plans work out. Did you get a ticket for Mort??? Be good to him, he is my favorite child. Your pictures are great and we are looking forward to more. Nan, you are doing a great job making sure the "golden birthday" is memorable. I anticipate a great adventure over there...."God Save the Queen"

Cillo said...

To my favorite women!
Have a wonderful trip. Happy b-day to the golden girl. It is hard to be the one incharge of making the golden the best, but you are able to do this, Miss Nan.
Enjoy and experience. We look forward to the picture night. We will provide the pizza and I see there is beer in my frig.
Love Cillo and Jim

Steve and Mary said...

Hey hey Naninanoo and Lou Lou. We want you to know that we are thinking about you every day knowing that you are having a WONDERFUL time! Your pictures and notes prove that you are definitely enjoying yourselves. And, we wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday Lou Lou! We miss you!!

U.S. and A.M. (Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary)