Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Made IT!

oH MAN..... this British keyboard is tricky and \nan is having a hard time getting oriented with the keys. It's definitely different. Anyways... we made it! After a long journey through the night we arrived yesterday and successfully navigated The Tube. With suitcases. And found our hotel, with time to get a bite to eat at a pub and check out Buckingham Palace, or "the Buck House" (that's what Laura says They call it).

Laura and Mort in Seattle Airport, drinking a mojito and reading the Ireland guide book. For those of you who don't know who Mort is, please wait for a later blog when we'll explain who he is. There's a good story there.

Buckingham Palace in the evening. The guards were fascinating.


This morning, our first full day here, is also Laura's golden birthday. Yay! That's a fake cupcake candle Nan bought for her in Seattle. It'll have to do for now... will go on a mission later for a real cake.

We're off... to explore, try to get tickets to the Phantom of the Opera, and brave the Tube again, sans luggage. "Damn Tube," Laura says....

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jamie z said...

You girls are such a riot!

Happy Birthday, Laura, my dear! What an awesome way to celebrate a special birthday - 24 on 24. Congrats!