Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 2: Killer Hills and Killer Sheep

A 'killer sheep' on Dover Hill

Broadway Tower

Attempting to capture even a small percentage of the Cotswold's beauty

The 2nd day of cycling was full of what we nicknamed 'thigh burner hills'. We definitely got a good workout in. We also saw more sheep than we've ever seen in our lives. These were the killer sheep Dave warned us about, so we steered clear :-) Though Nan found one she thought was really cute and she took just as many pictures of him as she did of Federer.

Other highlights from Day 2:

- Snowshill Lavendar Farm: who knew there were 100 different kinds of lavendar! the rows and rows of lavendar were beautiful.

- More cute towns with pubs.

- In Winchcombe, we had our first 'Afternoon Tea' experience since arriving in England.

- We saw lots of other cyclists, so we were not the only sweaty people stopping off at pubs and tea rooms.

- a non-highlight: the hill outside of Broadway. Overgrown with brush, battle-wound inflicting hill.

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