Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 3: After Dinner Mints

On our last day in the Cotswolds, our wondeful B & B caretaker, Jill, filled our bellies with a hearty English breakfast and we headed out for the last leg of our biking tour. We biked 20-something miles, relishing in the beauty of the area before catching a train to the Bristol International Airport. Nan wittingly and accurately said, 'If I see one more rose, I think I'm going to be sick!'

Upon the completion of our three-day journey, we had swallowed enough bugs (after dinner mints), to meet our bug eating quota for life!

The beauty of this region, the houses with incredible flower gardens and quaint villages, the rolling countryside dotted with sheep, castles and churches galore, cannot be adequately desribed!

Final thoughts:

If possible, attempt to take a shower at the end of a bike ride before catching a plane to Ireland!

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