Sunday, July 6, 2008

Super Lamb Bananas, and Much, Much More!

Yes - that sculpture really is half lamb/half banana - just one of many that can be seen around Liverpool

Tim and Nan getting ready to head out for a tour of Southport on his Honda motorbike

After a quick plane ride from Dublin across the Irish Sea to Liverpool, Tim and his friend Dave greeted us at John Lennon International Airport, and the start of a fun weekend (as well as the last leg of our trip) began. We drove to Southport, where Tim lives, and were immediately treated like royalty. He took Nan for a spin on his motorcyle (Laura did not go, as she is afraid of bikes), and she was able to see the town where we would be living for the next few days. After the bike ride we visited, caught up on life, then ordered Indian food. It was our first experience with 'authentic Indian food', and it was delicious. We then toured downtown Southport, first stopping at the Victoria Bar, then making a pit stop at one which we can't remember the name of, before ending the night at Tim's favorite bar, Owen's. On Saturday we slept in (the first time this whole trip we didn't get up before 7:00!), then took the train into Liverpool. We had a drink at a really nice bar that was formerly a Polish Catholic Church before walking around Liverpool's shopping district. The only time it started really raining hard we happened to be next to a Top Shop store, so it worked out well for Laura and I (Top Shop is the store we fell in love with in London). Tim waited patienly while we browsed for clothes.

We took some pictures next to some of Liverpool's famous Super Lamb Bananas. These crazy half lamb/half banana sculptures located all over Liverpool.

Because Nan loves Italian food, we had a nice dinner at a little restaurant before heading to the Duran Duran concert. The Duran Duran concert was incredible - those boys and the one female member know how to put on a good show. Great music, good seats, and Simon and rest of the Crew kept us entertained for a good hour and a half.

So here we are on our last day in Liverpool, and the last day of our England/Ireland adventure before we head back to the States.

A special thank you to Tim. He has been a wonderful kind host and a great cook. We had all kinds of wonderful meals (scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, black pudding). So if anyone is ever going to Southport and wants a good meal, we'll hook you up with Tim.

It's time to log off and go watch the Wimbledon men's final on t.v. Nan and Laura have a £1 bet on the match. Nan is sure that Federer will win his sixth consecutive title, but Laura has her money on Nadal.

Team Llewellyn


Cillo said...

Your trip has been supper to read about on the blog. Sorry if MT Jim scared Laura about cycles or maybe he is just better protection out front.
Have a safe trip home. We are excited to see half of the pair.
Love Cillo and the Jims

Tim said...

Hello Nan and Laura

It was great to see you (Nan) again and lovely to meet Laura. My house seems strangely quiet now you have returned home.

I loved showing you both around my home twn and by the time you read this I will have emailed pictures of the Super Lamb (or NAN) Banana.

One of you left your candy (or as we say in the UK - your chocolate), in my kitchen. Fortunately for me I am quite happy munching my way through $10 of crunchies, chocolate buttons and various other delights.

I have some spare black pudding I can send to you Laura if you ever have the urge to try it.

Thanks for your company.